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I Lost My Body - The sublime beauty of being

Winner of critics week grand prize at Cannes (the first animated feature to win), this one is a beautifully animated French film. It's one of those rarest unorthodox feature where the story is told from two different protagonist. The first part narrates a young man struggling life and his self discovery. The second surprise protagonist is an amputated arm and it's survival story from a lab. I loved the severed hands journey as it felt poetical and visually stunning. The time of silence and hesitation, is an important aspect of the narrative.

The excellent soundtrack is one of the best I have heard in an animated feature this year. The love story of the young man felt tender and fresh. The intercom love bloom is one of the finest moments to cherish. The narration moves back and forth with B&W scenes and flash backs and it can be confusing at start. But towards the end everything is tied together. It's a powerful narration of grief and hope. The open ended closing shot is left for viewers interpretation. Let it be s strong contender for Oscar and a welcome change from the usual suspects. I wish the creators of this rare and magical feature all the best. Stream and enjoy your 1.5 hrs of time.

Verdict - 4/5 (Dealing with Destiny)

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