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Jailer Moview Review - A Commander in Control

You can't lose the audience especially can't disappoint the massive fan base and at the same time you can't over do like a Marvel Super Hero. Thats the dilemma all directors face when they bring such a stardom on screen. To my surprise, director Nelson did a great balancing act to bring the best out of Super Star. This is called playing by the age 72 act.

When i saw the trailer it did remind of Baasha and Vikram where a family man leading a quiet life is faced to deal with a crisis and his mysterious past props up. Barring few similarities here and there, this one is treated differently with ample space to showcase the style and swagger of the hero. There is a consistent black humor which is well maintained and the film first half is super breeze and spot on. What is a point of these entertaining films which doesn't have a terrific interval block associated to it. Thats a Nelson Nail. Some of the delicate situations are handled with grace.

In terms of story there is not much going on and it wobbles with some silly plots , side characters and some flat comedy in second half. Now with the grace, screen presence of the super star and with a rousing BGM, Nelson pulled back the narration on time. Its a very calculated move on how to leverage the protagonist. Luckily no one flies in the air nor we see hard to believe stunts. Here its a command and control mode of operandi where he takes a behind the scene approach. You will see plot silliness and illogical aspects and that is given for mass entertainers. As long as its bearable and not ruining the overall mood, i dont mind that much.

The moral dilemma drama and pull towards the end is something which i liked. No comments is the best way to answer when it comes to women characters in the film. They are there for a name sake. What was surprising to me is that 6.30 am show in BLR hardly had any audience. I did a enjoy a lot this Tiger Ka Hukum show. There are some films which needs a theater watch and this exactly fits the bill. A 20 minutes trim would have made it as a perfect mass entertainer and it did miss the mark. Being a fan i am going with a generous rating.

Verdict - 3.5/5(The Legacy Continues)

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