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Jallikattu - A Wild chase by the Evil Hunters

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Not everyone can make experimental films with so much of consistency and not all experimental movie will please everyone. This time also director Lijo Jose Pellissery took a road less traveled theme. This one to me is most divisive movie from Malayalam film industry in recent times. This one is an exciting and unusual experience which is a hard digest. So how much you are going to enjoy is a big question mark.

From the stone age to now, we think the evolution has completed and we humans are the most evolved species. But how far is that a true, are we not the cruelest two legged animals existing in this planet? This film explores that idea through a buffalo escape from a butcher's shop causing rampage. The villagers set themselves for the animal hunt, but truly its a human hunt of a different form and that metaphor part was interesting. They make a simple situation into a dangerous one through selfish and pride act. The human aggression and license to explode under the circumstances is being celebrated like anything. The toxic masculine energy takes a full fledged form towards the ending.

This movie definitely makes audiences wince, especially "the insane pre climax act" (the human pile) with an oppressive atmosphere made me say WTF. The closet i have watched a similar ending was from a 2017 movie Mother and the Korean thriller Old Boy. The ending questions the civilization aspect and does a comparison of to our stone age. The only thing that changed is the need for the hunt is no longer a hunger need satisfaction, its gone beyond human imaginations. The film opening scene, with a one of a kind sound design is just astounding. The innovative rousing score is just amazing. The cinematography is taken to another level, its a light and shadow interplay done to perfection. The sound and visual takes us for a ride.

Even-though, the run is around 1.5 hrs few things sore for me, first and foremost the artists were extremely immature and dialog delivery was flat out. Second some characters and some scenes really felt unnecessary to me. Third, i felt little irritated by the repetition of chasing a buffalo. In the end i struggled to come in terms with the movie overall, though its cinematic impressiveness and creativity will work wonders for many. Like is said before, not all experiments will work for every one. By descending into the dark, you can reveal the light, may be humans will learn a lesson or two from this.

Verdict - 3/5(Manushyamrugam)

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