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Jan-e-Man Movie Review - A thoughtful film making

I couldn't figure out why they named the film title like this, until the climax scene and that was a real surprise. Debutant Chidambaram’s movie is a terrific genre-blender and hats off to him for maintaining a beautiful balanced story telling of two different spectrum's and generations. The two stories are off a complete contrast in nature and the tonal shifts is unpredictable and superbly managed.

Narrated with great simplicity it is, with subtlety, care and precision. That kind of movie making is hard to find these days. With a superb casting, this profound growth and discovery story is a fascinating one. The story begins focusing on one of the main characters Joymon who is pissed off with his lonely life in Canada and decides to go back to his native to celebrate his b'day. He himself plans many surprises and that part is laced with gentle and natural humor.

But fate has other plans, interestingly his planning conflicts with a death and mourning which is happening in the neighboring house. How these two parallel stories converge forms the crux. At one side its fun and friendship aspects and other side its grief and family trauma. And the enemity between the younger generation in the family makes the whole 24 hrs of this event more tensed. Its emotionally touching and at the same time makes you laugh. Each and every character added a purpose and meaning to this film.

There are few unwanted stretches in the movie but thats just a minor quibble. In the end, the film is all about the living and the director approached the topics with care , sensitively and at the same time with courageous humor. Ultimately the feel good narrative has its heart at the right place. Dont miss this and one of the best ranked Malayalam films for me this year.

Verdict - 4/5(Ekanthathayude Apara Theeram)

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