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Joji - Movie Review - A Toxic Brew

The inspiration Shakespeare has on Indian film makers is still going strong. The reinterpretations done by film makers is nothing new now. In 1997, director Jayaraj's adaptation of Othello (Kaliyattam) won few national awards and it was a brilliant movie where the story took on a life of its own. Then Vishal Bharadwaj's in early 2000's attempted three adaptations of which my personal favourite is Maqbool. Now its was turn for the famous combo of Fahad (Actor), Dileesh (Director) and Syam Pushkaran (Script) to flesh out the intrigue of the Shakespearean tragedy 'Macbeth' in their signature style.

The settings here is purely desi. A wealthy family setup in the backdrop of Kottayam, a large home in the center of a rubber estate, a dominant patriarch father along with his 3 sons and their conflicts, greed and ambitions takes the center stage here. As expected the combo delivered the best and its an unsettling film. The film achieves a tremendous harmony of acting, music, cinematography, narration and direction. A simplistic and a slow brooding approach will spell a cast on the audience. The characters and the overall mood takes over the plot. Music also has a strong effect on the viewer‘s emotional response to the film and the BGM by Justin is melancholic and reminded me of Vishals score in Maqbool. With a truly an incomparable performance this is acting at its best from lead pairs. Technically, this film is class.

This adaptation stands on its own and a testimony for the quality work on the bard's tale. We will immerse into the fresh look at the age-old tragedy playing out in front of us. This is resurgence of cinema at its best. The usual qualities of Pothan's brilliance is seen through out. A precise staging, a realistic undertone and dark under current flow is visible through out. Do not miss this little gem.

Verdict - 4/5(The Empire Strikes Back)

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