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The hype is totally unreal and this Gotham's clown failed to make any impact. The so called the gritty character study of a disregarded society man did not work at all for me. Though Phoenix performance was damn good, it becomes exhausting after a period of time. He left no stone un-turned in emoting the acts ranging from solo dancing to hysterical laughs. The film focus on the back tracing study of a mental illness person and the circumstances that lead into that depressing state. The plot is weak and is too slow with some stand out scenes. The uprising story felt really bland and social commentary angle felt outdated. The tension created in the BGM did not do any justice to the actions. This film would have worked well in late 70's and 80's. I would any day rate the Heath Ledger character in The Dark Knight alive and kicking. His representation in dark knight still lingers around as one of the most iconic villain characters. With that kind of explosive Joker image set in the mind, it's tough to buy in to this emotional side of the new avatar of Joker.

Verdict - 2/5(A poor man version of Taxi Driver)

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