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Kadaisi Vivasayi Movie Review - An experience not to be missed

Message oriented films often tend to be preachy and sentimental. Kaaka Muttai fame Manikandan's latest film (The Last farmer) strikes a superb balance of art and appeal to deliver one of the most compelling watches of this year. Its impossible not to be moved by this film and these are the kinds of film that needs to be nominated for various awards. The feeling of both watched a good village film as well as being transported to that setting is a very rare feat. Mani take us into a different universe and teaches about few important life lesson.

A neatly packaged heartfelt narrative delivers with a punch, the story of a simple 90 year old farmer, who is not bothered by modernization and wants to sticks to his roots. He gets framed and how it impacts his life forms the crux. It finely blends moments of laughter and tears that tugs at the heart strings. Humor was totally unexpected and it works big time to take the story forward. In different places, Mani use humor and commentary to convey some thoughts.

The visuals are scenic, the BGM is perfect, making you want to set off on a road trip yourself. The film captures village life – with all its colors, simplicity and languid pace of life. The characters mostly new faces was a treat to watch. There are some memorable shots involving policeman breaking free, the fictional story telling of what happened to Vijay Sethupathi and the final climax scene are just a few to mention. Have bit of patience as it starts like a true art film and enjoy this rare achievement. Highly recommended!!!

Verdict - 4/5(A simpleton winner)

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