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Kadakh Movie Review - Free from Sins

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Even though its loosely based on the concept from three films (The second story from Bengali movie Teenkahon, a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock thriller and an Italian comedy drama involving cell phone challenges), Rajat Kapoor film secures its place. The movie focus on what happens in a day during Diwali celebrations inside a flat. An unexpected visitor arrives just before the party and that kicks starts one of the best opening sequence and i was hooked. Single room movie needs to have strong script, and that easily become overbearing, if not handled well. Here Rajat combines the wit and wry mundanes of life in a pure desi way. An appealing cast and with a good balance of funny, touching and dramatic moments this short duration movie is a great weekend watch. When things go wrong, though, the movie gets a lot better. Some of the surreal dialogues and conversation are absolute delight to watch. Here alcohol works as a catalyst. It has a relatable tone. The execution of the escalation scenario is convincing. There a lot happens, without stopping and that can be bit annoying when loud BGM spoils the show. The tone slowly moves towards a tragic one with a macabre effect. There were moments which sort of felt like static and few bit overstretched, but overall it was satisfying watch. Its all talk, eat, drink and the usual charcha's when you meet and greet at the party. I am sure most of you will like this one.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Dum Daar Diwali Party)

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