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Kadaseela Biriyani - The Underdogs

Earlier this year, we saw one of the violent Malayalam movie Kala with heavy tone of masculinity. It was a different experience and not many enjoyed that. The core aspect of KB is also similar, its a direct revenge theme with a slightly different treatment laced with some dark humor.

The story begins with a voice over narration from Vijay Sethupathi. The film is about three brothers (two willingly and one unwillingly dragged) who are on a mission, seeking revenge for their murdered father. They are largely influenced by their widowed mother and their generations of violent background. You will be bit of clueless for the first 15-20 minutes and then its picks up. It never spoon feeds and we get to know more as things progresses. Some of the conversation was very difficult to follow and you really need subtitles to understand that. The setting is within a Kerala Tea estate and dense forest surrounding it. How they plan and how things backfires is narrated in an interesting way. An easy target and easy mission on the outset took a drastic turn when they realize that they have to deal with a psychopath too.

It takes a bit of time to establish the characters and narrative is a good combination of some brilliance and some forgettable ones. The casting in general was good but not everybody was able to pull it off. I am bit disappointed by its rushed final and was equally surprised by an unexpected interval. It would have been more interesting if the fight was between the two strong men. But then the director had a different plan on showcasing the vulnerability and fight back. Overall its an impressive experimental film which tried to avoid the standard revenge template, thought i did not get a completion feel.

Verdict - 3/5(Good in Parts)

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