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Kalki 2898 AD Movie Review - The Tenth Incarnate For Our Tomorrow

Nag Ashwin's ambitious magnum opus Project K is not without flaws but this is one of the best spin on what i call a meaningful Indian mythology mixed with sci-fiction setup. For folks who remembers each and every Marvel characters, this is a good education too, to go back to our roots and dig bit deeper on Mahabharata context and relevance of Kali yuga.

The first half (as pointed out by many of my friends) is a bit of a drag as the world building and pseudo-comics did fail big time to keep our focus on. But eventually it finds rhythm in second half and Ashwin nailed it with some well crafted VFX and some superb backstory connect with mythological references.

The incarnation part and the battle of Kurukshetra shown through graphics is an icing on the top. The references to our epics were spot on. AB's towering screen presence propels the story forward. There are movies that needs to be watched in big screen and this one is right on top for that. JC's Avatar: The Way of Water was total let down in terms of story and character development but its a towering achievement when it comes to visualization and creative ideas. Its difficult to encompass all in such large scale storytelling. So i didn't mind all those imperfections though some of them were really irritating. In the end its a pretty good vision and good spin off to remembrance of our past. We need a much more impactful BGM for second outing and cast those non-sense spells away.

As Ashwin point out, few warriors needed redemption and reincarnation and that's the surprise part of the movie (for few not for all). With a powerful antagonist on cards, I am in for sequel. Hope Nag Ashwin and crew takes the audience feedback and put on a meaty epic battle which resonates to Indian roots. Let the vision and execution succeed

Verdict - 3/5(A fascinating world)

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