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Kantara Movie Review - Rishab Performs An Ultimate Bhoota Kola Act

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Bhoota Kola is an ancient folklore ritual performed for centuries to worship demi-gods. In this film Shiva's (played by Rishab) ancestors has been performing this act for centuries and Shiva is an outlier and he lives a vagabond life. How few interesting incidents tightly coupled with nature and mythology turns his life forms the crux of the story.

Interestingly the character name have an integral role to play linked through their actions in this latest film directed by Rishab Shetty. In his previous film GGVV, Rishab played the character Hari (the creator) and in this he chose Shiva (the destroyer). Here also one of the Vishu avatar triggers a turning point in the film. Like GGVV, Dakshina Kannada and tulu nadu culture takes a central stage in the story format.

The highlight of the film is in its technical brilliance. BGM and cinematography were top notch and its one of it kind in Kannada film industry. The final act from Rishab is a fabulous and mind blowing one and is a treat in by itself. The story of a land struggle and greed is told with a mix of cultural ,the deeply rooted religious beliefs and that too in an entertaining way. One liner humour-laced dialogues felt fresh and apt, though it may be bit difficult to grasp for non kannadiga audience. The film would have made much more impact if not for its prolonged run time. I did find the some segments in middle portion muddling and a drag. Its meant to be watched in theater for sure.

The ending resonates with the famous subtext from the cult Vidaathu Karuppu. Kali Purushan Ondralla, Kaalam Palavagum, Dharmam Nilakkum and Avatharangal Thodarkindrna.

Verdict - 4/5(The Spirit Of Daiva)

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