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Updated: May 4, 2019

Now a days technical skills and visual sense dont count in the way of making a good film. In various interviews Prithvi mentioned that he always wanted to portray the larger than life character of Mohanlal (like the way he wanted to see him) and to some extent he has succeeded in doing that. But there is nothing creative or special about this role and believe me we have seen much better larger than life character played by Mohanlal with elegance and charisma. Prithivi's idea of molly wood audience liking is totally gone wrong with this movie. We want class dude not mass. Murali Gopy script is shaky and terrible in most part. This one is filled with cliches and bore to the core old story line. Barring the Tovino speech and a couple of other good scenes this one is a damp squib. I am shocked to see the age old never ending item song along with fighting in the climax. Prithivi cameo role as Zayed Masood the vigilante is just forgettable. Having seen Puli murugan crossing 100 cr, now a days its become easy for every one to follow the same trend and make money. And on top of all these nonsense there come the WTF Russian climax. Can someone save Malayalam cinema please. Having said that Mohanlal as Stephen Nedumpally stands tall and his screen presence is impeccable. And that alone will appeal to his huge fan far and to break some box office collection. For me this 3 hour senseless long movie was a tedious watch.

Verdict - 3/5(Back to Hell)

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