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Ludo Film Review - A Lighter take on Karma and Dharma

Anurag Basu multi-narrative, metaphor board game film takes a little while to find its feet. Once settles, then it moves at a brisk pace with a combination of screw ball comedy and absurdity. The plot is a jumble, but a merry one at the same time. Apart from a great known ensemble casting, there are snippets of cockney narration involving few minor characters and packs few surprises on the way. It falls short to be called off beat, but the Priyadarshan style comedy did work out well to some extend. The plot is a collision of several sets of crooked and warm hearted characters.

There are 4 stories and the frame itself is divided into 4 colors with each color associated with a story to signify a theme. What i liked the most is the interconnection of these stories and the character criss cross is well thought out one. Second half was way too long stretched and frustrating. The hip hop soundtrack by Pritam and songs takes the movie along in a fun ride . With just the right touches of dark humor the O Beta Ji is a worth a watch. Lower your expectation for this mindless comedy where the kismat flip flop between naram and garam.

Verdict - 3/5(A domino effect)

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