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Madhuram Movie Review - A Generic Template

Yet another feel-good film from June movie director, which follows a very simple premise. In terms of story, film does not count much in terms of plot development, but focuses on the inner growth of characters. With a restrained performances from lead characters and a positive outlook message this is a one time watch. The story is being told in a combination of flashbacks vs present where-in a group of people sharing their cherished memories in a government hospital bystanders hall, eagerly waiting for the outcome of their dear and near one's admitted. How these random unknown set of people creates a limited bond and start appreciating the little moments forms the crux of this narration.

The strength of the film is when we begin to feel affection for the characters, what makes them happy makes us happy. Its about finding a a common humanity and valuable companionship in the midst of chaos. There is no independent existence. It reminded me of the quote We shouldn't waste time on things that might happen someday, or maybe even never, so just keep swimming. Life is full of surprises and dont expect only happiness through out and you need to create, if one doesn't exist. The film lacks any major conflict or heavy drams, it can be considered as a walk through film. Even with a run time of less than 2 hours, I felt some moments very cheesy and bit preachy if not overdone. Thankfully the sentimental aspects are held at bay. If you want a very light and pleasant feel go for it. I am not that impressed but not disappointed either.

Verdict - 3/5(Chase the clouds)

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