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After seeing the reviews / responses from my cinephile friends on this weeks Onam releases, I decided to skip those Malayalam movies and went with an off beat Tamil film which had a very little publicity to its name. The end result, i came out with a very pleasing outcome. This year marks the return of two directors after a gap of 8 yrs. While Thiagarajan Kumararaja gave a spellbinding ride via Super Deluxe, now it was time for Director Santhakumar (famed for Mouna Guru) to give us a Slow, Steady but a Solid thriller. The dual combo of Maga and Muni is brilliantly portrayed by Arya and his eyes speak a lot. This revenge story is closely associated with Karma and the treatment of this narration makes it unique. Every character is unique and contributes to the plot. There is a great dramatization of relationships shown in a realistic way and hardships of loss is powerfully pictured. The BGM is top notch in providing the gentle push to the scenes that needs elevation. Though there are some heavy dose of social commentary thrown in, i didn't think it hurt the film much. What makes it a great watch is that the film never feels preachy, and unfolds as a tense drama maintaining a great intrigue. Barring few boring songs and a bit hurried ending i had no other complaints. Tamil films indeed need these kind of movies this year. I hope the second half of the year turns out good.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Boomerang)

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