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Monica, O My Darling Review - A Red Concoction of Triple-Dating

Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota fame director Vasan Bala is back this time with a wicked murder tale which is a wildish dark comedy attempt based on a Japansese novel written by talented Keigo Higashino (known for The Devotion of Suspect X, Salvation of a Saint).

Clearly following the shoes of Sriram Raghavan style film making, this is Bala's attempt to come up with a pulpy thriller which to me was a half rewarding thanks to its run time and pacing. There is nothing write home in terms of performance but Radhika Apte to me was the best part. The murder motive and some twists will surprise you especially the one towards the end, if you fail to follow the clues.

Huma Qureshi who plays the key character Monica, an office secretary has her own intentions to exploit three men in the office. The three men plan something to avenge her and then the John Gaddar style film making begins with R.D. Burman tracks playing in retro mode throughout. The quirky characters and crude timely jokes were spot on. The overall color grading will lift the mood of the film.

Some of the sequences are silly ,idiotic and when Bala tries to bring more chaos the plot flounders a lot. Good that it was released on Netflix which will help find a few good audience ratio. Overall a decent retro noir type film making attempt which works in parts.

Verdict - 3/5(A fun bonkers)

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