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Mookuthi Amman Film Review - The blind faith

The new venture from RJ Balaji (LKG fame) is a mixed bag which is partly hilarious, partly serious and partly irritating slap stick comedy. Some scenes will really get on to your nerves and you will be asking why this has to be the case. The biggest positive of this movie is impeccable comic timing and acting from Urvashi and then a gracious looking Nayan, its very difficult to take your eyes off when Nayan is on the screen. The movie has its own share of great, tiny moments of enjoyment and when you sum it up it's a dud.

There is no question about the wanting the need to clean up this religious society we are living in. The concept of God man raising to power is not new, we have heard and seen many articles and news on that in India for a long time now. But God itself challenging is new and that makes things easy. The message on why we need a middle man between human and god, is filled with many cliched moments. The Nithyananda kind mockery (played by Ajay Ghosh) fails to invoke any laughter in the second half.

In the end the director was unsure about how to take the movie forward and ended up in no man's zone. Its the same old message on quest for faith presented in PK style. Majority of the characters were underdeveloped and the new age Amman movie fizzles out easily. Its a relevant story which is spoon-feed and i doubt people will take these movie with credibility.

Verdict - 2.5/5(God vs Godman)

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