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Navarasa Series Review - A Lame and Boring Short film collection

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Forget about Nava (nine) Rasa (emotions), the only emotions i got after watching this anthology was frustration and disappointment. Each story helmed by famous directors and Mani Ratnam rolling the sleeves as producer, i was really excited to watch this. Its not that all 9 episodes were bad, but even the better ones did not give a complete feel. It was basically a dry and emotionless experience overall. Its all felt half baked lacking soul, you get a feel that the project was just put together just for the sake of it. Here is my take from good to bad order.

1) Roudhram - Arvind Swami directorial debut is an engaging one. Santosh Sivan’s cinematography is superb. The story is smartly written, even if its bit outdated but i liked the way they disguised the two story plot. The rage and anger is justified. One of the best in the series.

2) Payasam - With a super Delhi Ganesh leading the show, this is structured beautifully around a Brahmin wedding setting. This envy show is treated with raw authenticity. The burning sensation of disgust slowly kicks in and it never leaves you irrespective of age.

3) Edhiri - Bejoy Nambiar did his best with the actors Revathi and Vijay Sethupathi. The tale of redemption and forgiveness is emotionally draining. But watch for a restrained performance from them. Not all characters were utilized to full extent and it had a great potent story line to explore this theme. Revathy's performance is the best across all 9 shorts.

4) Project Agni - Karthick Naren got inspired by Alex Garland's philosophical sci-fiction Devs. Its very heavy on conversation and data dump with topic ranging from free will to predetermined life to finally a computer simulated world theme. Its too much to comprehend for a 30 minute duration. They did try to add bit of thrill in the climax on this mind-bender approach.

5) Inmai- is an interesting take of revenge which mixed the concept of superstitious djinn. A great start and good ending with a mediocre mid segment. Vishal Bharadwaj BGM is a good add on.

6) Peace - I had a lot of expectation on this one, but its a ordinary attempt from Karthik Subbaraj with nothing much to offer in this Eelam fight story. What exactly was he trying to say, i am clueless on the format and its ironic ending.

7) Summer of 92 - Hardly any fun from Priyan, its a tragedy infact. There is not even a single laughter moment in this lazy and superficial execution. Its such an outdated crap.

8) Guitar kambi Mele Nindru - Oh man please grow up. Such a pity that GVM is following the old cliche approach again and again. Such a bore to the core and mundane dialogues and gestures.

I am in a tenth Rasa world already.

Verdict - 2.5/5(Uneven Impact)

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