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Nna Than Case Kodu Movie Review - A Cut Above The Rest

There are films capable of providing social and political critique, while at the same time entertaining audiences through hilarious means. Android Kunjappan fame Poduval's third movie (Sue Me) exactly does that. I really enjoyed this one after a long time in a theater. Some satires are a little close to the truth and at the same time don’t hit you over the head with it. Assembling the best and most unlikeliest of ensemble casts you may probably see, each and every character mocked the system and expressed their ideas with humor. There are some amazing finds in the movie, the magistrate character is a stand out performer.

The story is about a so called reformed petty thief (brilliantly played by Kuchacko), decides to sue the PWD minister for a pothole issue which turned his life unbalanced. How he presents the case in court and its escalation forms the core theme of the story. The legal battle and court room satire drama is such beautifully depicted with ample touch of seriousness and fun. With some brilliant one liner punches and quirky characters, I didn't even mind some of the court room liberties and repetition which has been showcased. This is entertainment at its best with two fantastic nostalgic songs interjected superbly into the story.

Verdict - 4/5(A waging war)

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