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Oxygen Movie Review - Trapped in a Box

Last year at the same time Netflix released the Spanish film The Platform which carried an age old message of questioning the whole civilization in an insane and brutal fashion. Carrying on with timings, this Netflix new French science fiction thriller is yet another concept film (not original) based on a simple but a strong idea. The film follows magnificent protagonist (Melanie Laurent), who is trapped in a medical looking capsule. With Oxygen level depleting and with an AI unit support, she has 90 minutes to find out Why, How, What next. She will have to reconstruct the elements of her memory to get out of this Prison. First she believes, she is being kidnapped, but slowly the story spirals into a sinister and bigger cause than she anticipated.

It is a film that entertains and maintains the novelty idea. Oxygen is visually beautiful and a highly engaging technical film. Though it failed to keep the claustrophobic atmosphere up through out, but this deceptive single-location premise is worth your time. A big thumbs up to a terrific impressive shot towards the end of the film. Oxygen referencing to Covid virus is subtle and elegant. The fight and suffering of human race along with our cruelty to animals is symbolized beautifully. And the ending will be up for discussion. Hope is always a good thing.

Verdict - 3.5/5 (Adam and Eve)

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