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Pagglait Movie Review - Death is not the end

A death in the family brings multitude of relatives into a big ancestral haveli in Lucknow. What follows for the next 13 days of mourning is being encapsulated with mix of wit and grief in this family drama directed by Umesh Bist. What stands out is the lead performance from Sanya Malhotra (who plays the significant other) and the music by Arijit singh. A stellar ensemble cast and some sharp writing can been seen through out with touch of sarcasm. The film is a feel good and light hearted take on how different people gets affected by the death of the core earning member of the family.

The tale is woven around the rituals, traditions and frustrations that each one goes through. The film is filled with much raw emotion without overtly manipulating its audience. In the final 13 days ritual Sanya learns a lot about her late husband more than what she knew in her 5 months short marriage period. The realization of death has to seen as a prolongation of life and redemption act is nicely done. There are some great deal of details being shows and the editing section was top notch.

With the kind of mood setting and casting it has the potential to do Badhaai Ho kind of treat for viewers but it falls short. It tries too hard to touch various topics from love , lose and hypocrisy in the society but it never went deep into any one of them. We get a feel of scratching the surface. Nevertheless a simple and humble take.

Verdict - 3/5(A light take on Demise)

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