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Peranbu - Tamil

Divided into 12 chapters, Ram's latest film take us into a different unexplored territory in Tamil cinema. Its a pure emotional depiction of a complicated father-daughter relationship with moods of nature playing a key theme throughout. This is emotionally a direct study of disability and sexuality. Its a profoundly rich & a moving experience with a simplistic melodies and terrifically framed shots. The mood of the film is totally different from all his previous aggressive and rebel like characterizations. This year, Karthik Subbaraj brought the Vintage Rajni back in action and now director Ram brought the best out of Mamooty which all the recent Malayalam filmmakers failed to do. At its core the power packed performance takes a center stage, this is a pure art form of acting from daughter and dad. Mamooty did handle beautifully the intricacies of the character and at the same time, convey complicated emotions. By and large Ram again focuses on the hero’s struggle to adapt to the system but this time in a subtle way. I did have quiet a few issues with the second half and the way it ended but that wont take any sheen away from this delicate craft. Though it doesn’t quite hit the ball out of the park, it did manage to pull our heart strings, and that’s definitely a start. It would be a shame if it doesn't end up getting few national awards.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Be Grateful for life)

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