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Petta - Tamil

With couple of lean shows under his belt, the expectation were soaring high which always is the case for his movies. And the director did not disappoint this time, and the movie starts off with a punch "NAAN VEEZHVEN ENA NENAITHAYO". Its proven again, a director needs to adapt to the mass appeal tag of Super Star Rajni to make it a big success, other attempts to contain him and showcase the directors talent in the recent past has gone for a big toss. So KS played it safely and brought the Vintage Singam back on big screen with a bang. Its not as captivating as Baasha or Padayappa but nevertheless a great treat for his fans like me. With his charismatic screen persona, plenty of Rajini moments, and mannerism, he stole the show single handendly. This one is just made for his fans who has long been waiting to see the old avatar in a commercial format. The movie had an entertaining first half and second half was bit of a drag with a long drawn-out climax. Majority of the other characters looked very pale in comparison and that quiet natural when we heard the dialogue "PAAKA THANA PORA, INDHA KAALI ODA AATATHA" in the trailer. And its an in and out Kaali aatam. With heavy musical score Anirudh played a key role in elevating some of the shots. Overall i am giving a Thumbs Up even if though its 3 hour long with minor quibbles.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Neruppu da)

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