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Raat Akeli Hai Movie Review - An Upper Class Secret

I really dont understand why people compared this with the classic entertaining murder mystery Knives Out. This one is a different attempt to the thriller genre. Remember Abhay Deol's thriller Manorama Six Feet Under, even though its a copy of China Town, it did hold on to its charm. Raat Akeli Hai tries a similar path, breaking the norms type. Set in Kanpur, this one is a locked-room mystery that attempts its best, to keep the viewers hooked. But it failed to take off and to keep your interest sustained through out. The lack of suspense and intrigue fell flat through out. The final joining the dots isn’t completely surprising. I really missed the pleasure of watching a unfolding the mystery settings big time. It was tough to get acquainted with characters, with a weak hero and the love affair felt out of place. In the end , the dark atmosphere so called thriller isn't that engaging and shocking.

Verdict - 3/5(Akele hi rahane dho)

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