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Salute Movie Review - A Nameless Death

Had high expectation when i saw the trailer and on top of that it's a film by one of my favourite director Rosshan Andrews plus writer combo (Bobby and Sanjay). I was expecting a tense, old-school cracker of a thriller, but though not that disappointing, it failed at many levels to intrigue and to bring a favorable closure.

The story begins with Dulquer Salmaan, a police officer on leave trying to reopen a double murder case where he and his colleagues were involved in the investigation few year back. At that time, the pressure from media, politicians and from the top, forced them to take a wrong but a collective non ethical decision. The guilt follows DS for years and he decides turn the wind against his own men to do a parallel investigation. Its a different take on fight with the police system and a fight within to free a falsely accused. There are some interesting portion on how his own men tails him and make the parallel investigation difficult.

The slow paced police procedure dram in it itself felt rooted, but i felt calibration of story was fluctuating a lot. The film’s tone, like its protagonists’ personalities, mutates. The cat and mouse game could have been done much better. The turn up of intensity level was too low. The piece-by-piece story reveal was good but overall the film struggled to reach its full potential.

DS role was constrained but he did his best and his ethical dilemma act was very convincing. The background score gave the movie bit of intrigue and is a major plus point. The climax felt rushed and abrupt i am sure only few people will think it to be smart. If the movie doesn't warrant a female casting, why waste time on that. Some of the characters were not adding any value to the film. The clues seems very convenient at times and there are many loose ends. Overall a decent watch and good that it's an OTT release.

Verdict - 3/5(A different procedural approach)

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