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Sara's Movie Review - My Body, My Choice

The circle of life begins with birth and ends with death. The in-between live's phases (from young to adult to age old) has been following a pattern for ages. Does it always have to follow that or a paradigm shifts needs to happen? End of the day the choice and decision is upon the individuals. But the problem is, its not an easy choice when you are surrounded by people and how it affect others. This films deals with the choice of Parenthood decision one has to make and remember its not easy to break the shackles.

Recently there are lot of movies that is changing the perception about abortion. Most of the past movies tends to be very traumatic in nature with guilt , regret coverage and this one felt bit different from that. Its light and and sometimes funny. Here our main protagonist Anna Ben is faced with a similar situation of career choice vs motherhood one. Normally women sacrifices one over the other or sometimes they try to manage both. Some prefers live in relationship with no baggage's and some people try companionship with Pets as an prelim step.

Here Ann Ben initially prefers to stay single and live her dream life and then she meets a person whom she thinks shares the same values like her (not having kid at all) and marries him. But an unintended pregnancy (faulty contraceptive) and the most debated topic of abortion takes center stage. How she deals with and what support she gets forms the crux of the story.

Anna Ben carries an immense screen presence and her eyes and smile is a stand out in this short duration film. She effortlessly carries herself in the coming-of-age story. Barring that performance, the film wont stick with you as it tends to go on a classic preachy route of pertinent messaging. The narrative was bit caricaturish and flat in nature. Its a very below-par writing. The music and songs did not help in any way moving the story. The director needs to break his style of film narration. It has lot of similarities with his previous film especially the first half. Sunny Wayne husband representation was totally dull and most of the characters lacked depth.

At the end of the day there is no right or wrong answer. Every decision has its own merits and demerits. Success depends on lot of parameters. 75% prefers to hear the most magical sound no matter what and then there are exceptions either by choice or by forced. Its a reasonable watch though i did not enjoy that much. One thing is for sure it will resonate well with people who are yet to make the biggest decision of their lives. It didn't glorify things like what Sultan film did. I am going with a generous 3/5.

Verdict - 3/5(A NewGen Dilema)

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