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Serious Men Movie Review - A false sense of success

Director Sudhir Mishra's film deals with the age old subject of good parenting with a right mix of satire and drama. He beautifully intertwines the politics and caste system into the mix. The father and son journey is worth a watch purely from an incredibly strong acting from the main characters and the ensemble casting. The film definitely belongs to Nawazuddin Siddiqui and he does one of his best work again, finding fascinating gray areas in a man who is holding a few secrets of his own and justifying his act.

Its clever look at human stupidity. The father figure here is a classical representation of certain type of people, that thrives in the culture of doing bad things for what they claim to be the right reasons. There is a touching climax scene conversation at the art gallery which says your angst is right, but your actions are not. The taste for being on the crest of the wave never lasts. In the end, the deep reflection of human behavior will come out.

The child’s achievements has to be owned by them but not forced on them. Parents pride, insecurity and angst always needs to take back seat when it comes to dealing with children's education and their future. Parents take things for granted and consider it as their birth right when it comes to making choices. Prodigy is a natural act and faking them have consequences and not every one is born Einstein. What we need is acceptance and move on. The screenplay is very captivating when it focus on the above theme, but it loses it plot when too much of politics and focus on fame becomes core. The film has its own moments when it deals with the socio-cultural constraint and under-privileged tag.

Verdict - 3.5/5(The need of good parenting)

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