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Shakuntala Devi Movie Review - A Life with Numbers

All the direct Indian OTT film releases has been mediocre for the last 2 months. And its a shame considering the talent in the Industry. This film is totally a messy take on the biopic of the so called human computer. And on top of that Vidya's overacting, especially with her hysteric repeated laughs and English slang was a big dent. The film never explored the mystery behind her skills nor the mental process. There is no math in the story. Its just fun with numbers kind of concept along with glimpses of women empowerment.

This Guinness book record holder and the mathematical prodigy story deserved a better script and execution. The entire family dynamics logic felt abnormal and is full of self-contradicting philosophies which will drain your brain quickly. I really failed to understand the emotional aspects of the fractured relationship with her daughter. The back and forth narratives also did not help the film. To sum it up , this loud epic and drama baaz of forced feminism show is boring and extremely disappointing.

Verdict - 2/5(Inconsistent at best)

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