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Sherni Movie Review - Laws Of Nature

Director Amit Masurkar follows a similar authentic vibe from his previous movie Newton, in this seeking resolution film. Loosely based on a 2018 real life incident of Avni case, the film beautifully captures the state of affairs in the forest department. As usual the structure is focused on the clunky political interference and biases in the society.

Its a light and relevant take on the subject aided by some fine performances. Vidya balan shoulders the movie with such an understated act. She is a real representation of how a human being should be, trying to bring ethics ,principles at work and more importantly the humanitarian factor. There is no lecturing in this message oriented film and once again it showcases how the well oiled machinery of politics works in India. A balance has to be maintained in this man vs animal battle, but the irony is that decision is always made by people who dont believe in coexistence.

You wont find any answers to some of the pertinent questions but the view of the world is being presented as such. And thats the power of this film. There is a beauty in the silence of the film. You dont need thumbing bgm or mass dialogues to covey the feeling. The ending is similar to Newton, life goes on. Its slow but a rewarding film.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Pick your battles)

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