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Shivaji Surathkal Movie Review - A Passable Murder Mystery

The concept of the story is from a famous Agatha Christie Novel (not naming it for obvious reasons) and then you add Sherlock style investigation to that, you would expect a cracker of whodunnit show. Though it did not impress me a whole lot, but i have to say it was engaging due to its short run time. This murder plot involves pure desi settings with a pinch of supernatural elements and drama with Ramesh Aravind in the lead role. Some of his imagination, eccentricity and deductive logic was good in uncovering the mystery. There are quiet a lot of overplay moments to prove that Shivaji is intelligent and to support his heroic arc. The traumatic past narrative felt bit weak. It has its own cliches moments and red herrings are plenty especially around overhearing the incident and the pre-climax portion. The narrative dwindles but its an OK watch. Cinematography and BGM was above average for such a setting. Its streaming on Zee5 and the sequel is already in shoot.

Verdict - 3/5(Ranagiri Rahasya)

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