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Super Deluxe

Cinema, once in a while, can provide feeling of tremendous euphoria which can last forever. And thats exactly what @Thiagarajan Kumararaja delivered in his second film after a gap of 8 years in exile. It's an exhilarating experience for any film lover who wants and desires for films that go above and beyond. When it comes to experimenting @Thyagarajan Kumararaja’s vision on screen is unmatched. Unlike Aaranya Kaandam, this film deals seriously heavy issues and themes. This is not a film for the immature or childish heart. Super Deluxe is like a metaphor for reality which delves deeper into the darker side of human mind, without being judgmental. The anthology film weaves together different stories whose connections are not immediately apparent but like a poison it slowly but steadily emerges. The sense for relationships and the hardships of loss is powerfully pictured. From sound design to music selection to the off-kilter humor everything is well crafted with vibrant and memorable moments. The combination of lead protagonists and also the smaller-yet-significant characters adds a real punch. Even though some part were predictable (the television set) and some part bit confusing (the alien story), this Deluxe class provides a spellbinding ride. Interestingly It starts with a dialog “Dei rascal, marandhittiyaa da yenna?” and my answer is Illa Sir ungale ini marakkave mudiyathu. I cant wait to see more of his films, so @Thiagarajan Kumararaja please dont go on another exile as film industry needs stroke masters like you.

Verdict - 4/5(tour de force)

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