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Tenet Movie Review - A grandfather paradox gimmick

Advertised as the best intriguing mysteries of 2020, finally arrives across theaters in India. First thing first, this long awaited Nolan film is by far the least engaging film and its a rehash of some of his old movies with the signature palindrome style of Memento mixed in.

The premise is simple, prevention of WORLD WAR III where the threat is from the future and few CIA agents are tasked for the mission impossible. Like the age old Arnold Schwarzenegger terminator film, someone comes from future to keep things in order. The key here is they need to master and understand the concept of time inversion. Dont confuse time inversion as simple time travel, it much more into time reversal. There are some wonderfully choreographed chase sequence. I have to admit this guy creativity. There is no parallels to his ideas.

This film when release worldwide in August was slated to bring a silver lining for film Industry. I strongly doubt that it did and would do any good here too. I have watched few of the Nolan movies multiple times like Memento and Inception. Those movies have something in it which warrants a second viewing and a hooking factor. Some may say, you need to be nerd and re-watch it to make sense. This time puzzle is skip and skim sort of movie and no matter what, i am not going to reopen the chapter again. The climax offered no surprises at all and we can see it miles ahead.

Year on year Nolan movie hasn't made it easy for viewers. He continues to focus more on style over substance, thundering score and recently into a weird muffled sound mix. As usual the characters lack emotional significance and the less we talk about it the better it is. The motto of the movie is very clear from start why make it simple when you can make it complicated and the opening statement to protagonist says it all “Do not try to understand, just feel!. It offers a diminishing return for any feel factor and ultimately no clarity and no enjoyment.

He should move away from the proposed hypothesis based movies as its getting on the nerve too much even if you dissect it correctly. Please tie up with your brother again and bring the vintage style back.

Verdict - 2.5/5(Fire and Forget)

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