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Though this one is the official remake of the Kannada movie Ondu Motteya Kadha, this story deviates in the second half where it focus more on the attitude of the society and the impact it has on people. Very rarely i have seen remakes making the impact and this one surely does. It’s no joke that body perceptions in this country are skewed beyond measure. No one is perfect and no judgments should be made on the looks and how they live. It follows the story of the bald head Malayalam professor and his journey towards finding a bridal match. With a very simple narration and light-heartedness, this one is a neatly message filled film. With sensibility around the script and some commendable performances from its lead cast, its a paisa vasool 2 hour movie. The actors are very cute and it really makes you think about the way you live. I really liked the way the film ended unlike the Kannada version. In the end it makes you realize the most beautiful truth about life. The instantly like-able soundtrack is a big plus. Go for it.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Fit, Fat and bald)

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