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Thambi - A Drishyam reversal

Yet another family emotional thriller from Jeethu Joseph (known for the classic Drishyam). Though he couldn't replicate the delicacy of Dhrishyam, this one is worth a watch thanks to the fast paced second half and some wonderful acting from Karthi , Jyothika and Sathyaraj. With Govind Vasantha handling the musical score, the tension and build through the score gets amplified keeping up with the twists and turns. The emotional tone felt similar to film 96 BGM. Not all twists will surprise you, but there are few which you didn't see coming. There are quiet a lot of similarities with Drishyam, but things goes in a reverse order here. Red herrings and loop holes are plenty which does affect the viewing experience for this kind of genre. And with unnecessary songs, fights it adds more woes to the overall script and mood. Karthi manages to hold the film, with his excellent comic timings and emotional acting. Overall a good engaging thriller thought it could have been much much better, if there was focus more on the story. Go with low expectations and you wont be disappointed. I doubt the concept and execution of Drishyam can ever be re-created any time soon. It will still remain as an example to break.

Verdict - 3/5(A repeated decorative design)

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