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The Family Man

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Amazon prime finally delivered a good show, though its not purely entertaining thriller, but it does not disappoint either. I would say its well worth your 4 hrs. Its a well written espionage drama with each episodes having its own fine moments and at the same time few drawbacks. Manoj is at his best playing the balancing act of a caring father/husband and his hectic field work. There are quiet a lot of surprises thrown in and some episodes the tension is paramount. The start was bit disappointing especially the first 2 episode but the momentum kicks in from third episode. The dialogues and dry humor works at its best in each of the episodes. Surprisingly the lady characters especially Priya Mani (playing role of Manoj's wife) did get a meaty act. I loved the way they interact and how kids mingle with them. Like many other shows they did not try to paint a different color to Terrorism. They did not take any sides and tried to humanize almost everyone. My biggest problem is that this show tries to address too many things that have international and national flavors and some sequences just felt over simplified and convenient. Nevertheless this raw act is engaging and as usual with many season 1, ends in a cliff hanger.

Verdict - 3/5(Double Life)

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