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The Soul Movie Review - The Curse Unearthed

Typically when you mix various genres, the success rate diminishes but not for this Taiwanese film. Its a semi gripping tale of murder mystery combined with super natural elements in a believable way. What makes this work also is a strong emotional angle and connect with the characters. Its twisty and a in depth dark tale which is very detailed and divided into three acts. The third act of the Soul was both heartbreaking and extremely uplifting (which is a debatable topic).

The story starts when a leading prosecutor and his wife takes a high profile murder case and what seems like a clear act of revenge goes more sinister as the story progress. The suspense part fluidly moves from one person to another in first two acts. It will be bit hard at times to buy into the supernatural twist, but the way they entwined the story and the emotional connect makes us forgive certain aspects. If you like slow burn suspense thriller then go for it. Its streaming on Netflix and dont get confused with the Pixar movie Soul.

Verdict - 3.5/5(A Potboiler)

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