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The Trial of the Chicago 7 Movie Review - R For Revolution

This is one of the best 2020 has to offer and oh man this courtroom drama is a kick ass!!!. A well worthy Oscar contender for sure. With a brilliant casting, the movie narrates the trial of 7 people who were subjected for conspiracy and inciting to riot related to anti-Vietnam War protests in Chicago 1968. The subsequent trail is known to be one of the notorious in American history. What follows inside the courtroom, is dealt with a great mix of seriousness and with a subtle undertone of wit. The writing here is impeccable and spot-on. The whole procedure is snappy and with quiet lot of cinematic liberties, its a thoroughly entertaining watch. Hollywood routinely tackles movies about real-life events, but not always following that with historic accuracy. So i dont know how well placed this story is with facts, but i loved it.

Aaron Sorkin ( The Social Network, A Few Good Men - Screenplay only) signature making is all over the place especially his trademark dialogues which is full of juicy verbal confrontations. Its a relevant courtroom drama and fitting metaphor for today. The character were well fleshed out and the frenetic build up is just amazing. The film develops a rousing narrative from start to end. You will be glued in. This is a powerful stroke from one of Hollywood’s most talented writers that you dont want to miss. Hear my words, Hear my choice, Hear my voice, Hear my screams ,Hear my heart and let us make a world which we believe. Long live Democracy.

Verdict - 4/5(The whole world is watching!)

Trivia - As per wiki Sorkin originally wrote the screenplay in 2007, with the intent of Steven Spielberg directing the film with mostly unknown actors.

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