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The Trip Movie Review - The Uninvited Guests

This Nordic Netflix presentation packs a punch with a dash of Tarantino and Guy Richie influenced style of film making. Its a crazy fun ride but with a bloody gore. The story is a simple one, a dysfunctional couple decides to visit a cabin in the woods with sinister intentions, but fate had other plan for them.

With abound of madness and neat little surprises packed in, this was a fun watch. The vulnerable protagonists stands out through out especially Noomi Rapace (The girl with the dragon tattoo fame). The character cast is sizable to say the least, but each character is such a unique snowflake. The violence and humor are deftly blended. It all ties together in the end nicely. The father-son scene is a splendid one. A run time 2 hr seems bit of overkill for this kind of plot and the story keeps on dipping at many points but unexpected things keeps popping up to keep you interested. The trip is worth a ride for its devilish insanity.

Verdict - 3/5(Till death do us part)

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