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The White Tiger Movie Review - A questionable tale of morality

A White Tiger symbolizes power , freedom and individuality. So in this book adoption, director Ramin Bahrani uses his main protagonist Balram Halwai and The Rooster Coop as metaphor to depict India's class divide and oppression. This transfixing story of rags to rich is being presented with a voice over narration and through a letter he writes to the Chinese politician.

Balram's rage and his acting hold the key for this story. He just grabbed all the attention from the word go, from a deceptive smiling face to bloodsucking devil to hit the fortune. Its cynical a take on the parable of the new India. Its loaded with social and political metaphors and morally unsettling at times. The defiant survival is told with realism and sarcasm. What i missed is the delicacy in story telling and its monotonous in its handling. It did not have the fire power to hold your attention for its running time. Nevertheless Balram's world and self-justification can appeal to many.

Verdict - 3/5(A retribution)

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