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Togo - The Untold Story of a Real Hero

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

In the movie 1917, two men sets out for a suicide mission to deliver an important war message. The cinematography was the hero of that film, and the story and cast took a second place. Now in this Disney movie the setting is Alaska 1925 and the hero of the movie is a Siberian husky Togo. His mission is to bring an antidote to the town along with his master. Based on a true story this is endearing tale of an underdog told with a right emotional string. The story has two timelines one showcasing the adventure journey through the treacherous terrain of the Alaska in a harsh winter and the second one a flash backing 12 yrs setting the bonding , trusting stage with his master. If you are a dog lover you are going to love this movie and i fall into that category. It is an incredibly beautiful movie that is filled to the brim with heart. The cinematography was chilling and thrilling. The emotions, drama and music is kept under check and i never felt anything manipulative. I didn't care much about the predicable outcome as i was hooked into the loving bond and the journey than anything else. In the end, dear one's whether its humans or animals never really leave and stay with you as long you live. I am gong with a generous 4 out 5 for this cute little film and a strong recommendation from my end.

In 2011, Time magazine named Togo the most heroic animal of all time Verdict - 4/5(A sled dogs winter adventure)

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