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URI: The Surgical Strike

First thing first, I am going to set aside the so called election propaganda timing and the political nature which is being highlighted since day one of this film. There are countless movies "inspired by real events," but this one truly took place, so that matters the most. An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind and you cannot stick to that policy when it comes to war and justice. This film is a great act of courage and conscience. The film scores high on the technical front. For the first time i felt the combat sequences, ambush, gunfire, sniper shots authentic and real. The film's most exciting moments are in the details of planning, attack and sadly that hurried pace only comes in the second half. Despite already knowing the outcome, the film kept the sense of suspense and tension to a reasonable level in the second half. Though its not haunting like Zero Dark Thirty, it is still an effective movie with a solid directing. There is no shortage of Bollywood tropes, with plenty of deliberate and dramatic attempt to evoke emotions. I didn't felt it cheesy and it sounded reasonable to me, as sometime you also need to focus on life beyond the uniform. Nutshell its a no-nonsense tribute to Indian Army and well deserved victory that needs to be celebrated. Go for it.

Verdict - 3.5/5(High on Josh)

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