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Manu Ashokan debut film about an acid attack survivor is yet another relevant film of modern times. Its a tribute to women's indomitable spirit. Through Uyare, script writers Bobby-Sanjay has given a new definition for beauty. These quotes stays true through out the film "He changed my face, not my heart. He threw acid on my face, not my dreams". This wings of desire movie works at many levels and will remain in our hearts. Parvathy with her intense portrayal of Pallavi Raveendran is a treat to watch. Asif as a vulnerable lover and Tovino as a compassionate Samaritan played their part well. The script is the winner here and some scenes really stood out. The scene in which she explains how she fell in love to her father, her answer for the case withdrawal request were just terrific and well controlled. Predictability is certainly a problem here, but for these kind of inspirational movie, journey is important so i am OK oversee some of the cinematic liberties that has been taken. The second half worked out well which has good mix of humor along with intense drama. The music was trying too hard to elevate the scenes which was totally unnecessary. Overall its a great watch and another feather in the cap for the talented Parvathy. Verdict - 3.5/5(dreams don't expire)

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