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Veyil Movie Review - Light at the End of the Tunnel

Debutant director Sarath Menon film is loaded with relatable characters, emotional situations and a power-packed performance from lead cast. With a beautiful visual tone and with some refreshing tunes, i loved most part of the story telling. The narrative itself can test your patience as its a slow burner but offers various perspective from each characters view point. Shane Nigam nailed his role with ease and there's something universal to his experience. The movie is mainly his transformational journey ,his internal friction within the family, a great bonding with his brother and a neatly presented love story in between.

The family setup, the brotherhood and wrinkle up is charged with emotions and nothing felt overdramtic at any point. The love story felt so natural and organic. Its a beautiful tale of a fractal, infinite glimpse into humanity which is life itself. The story never compromises anything and always sticks to the real world. It has some wonderfully composed songs that carries the story forward. The screenplay did wobble and its uneven at many places with repetitive snippets but those shortcomings are covered by some heart warming performance and striking visuals. I wasn't expecting that climax and they ended the film with one of the best short and gave a true meaning to the title. A great director talent to watch out for. Streaming on Amazon Prime now.

Verdict - 3.5/5(This is life)

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