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With a huge multi-star casting, Aashiq Abu pulled off a great thrilling drama based on the real life incident of the deadly Nipah Virus outbreak. It is one of the great scare stories of our time and with Nipah news again resurfacing, makes it all the more relatable. The movie is cleverly aligned towards an appealing human dimension. It had the right mix of medical and scientific plot interlinked with touch of documentary feel. I have to say its a well researched one without going over the top on melodrama. The first half was simply terrific where the stage setting happens and the second half is more of intriguing style where team works together to find how it spreads, and retracing the origin. This is one of those rare movie where i have seen such a great talents coming together and oh boy they all delivered elegantly, just as you would expect from all this talent. This is indeed a great dramatization of a very real threat and kudos to the director bringing a very realistic narration on how the state handled this epidemic virus with unity. Rajeev Ravi cinematography is terrific in capturing the dark mood and emotions. BGM is top notch in providing the gentle push to the scenes that needs elevation. In the end the winning combination is the powerful screenplay and directorial skill used in the casting to deliver a strong message of human values and relationship that is required at adverse times. There is no denying the fact that the human instinct to survive is our most powerful drive and the film backs that message beautifully. So don't miss the great journey of fear, fight and survival.

Verdict - 4/5(The human resilience)

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