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Weathering with You

Thanks for Vkaao (platform that brings to you a choice of movies to theaters), i was able to watch a Japanese animation film in theater. A first experience of that kind. Three years after his classic hit Your Name (highest-grossing anime film in Japan), Makoto Shinkai returns with yet another poignant story. Like his previous work the theme of love is beautifully narrated using climate change as the backdrop. He continues to mix the traditional Japanese beliefs with modern society in a charming way. The highlight continues to be his technical brilliance, some stunning animation and great cherishing moments with beautiful characters. If you are tired of stupid sequels and pop corn Hollywood remakes then this will give a fresh breath of air. Though its no way near to some of his previous work as I felt the core message gets distilled towards end, but still a great watch.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Let there be Sunshine)

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