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100 Days to Live Movie Review - Make the Right Choice

Ravin Gandhi directorial debut , part psychological , part meditation drama has already won couple of awards in film circuits. I dont recollect seeing any of the cast in any films i have seen, but i felt it was perfect fit for this suicide prevention group story. I was OK with a bit of overacting.

Grief is deep and if not handled can make or break the life of whom are suffering. The movie is a realistic and sincere portrayal of different kind of approach where a person makes use of others grief for different purpose. So the motive and end result the person (some may call him protagonist and some antagonist) wanted to achieve may not strike with many audience. But i did enjoy it. Dont expect a big surprises, but this obsession story has it own moments packaged neatly without much hype and fuss.

Some of the puzzle solving felt too easy and convenient with loop holes plenty. I can very well understand why this may work out in other countries who really do have these kind of specialized setups and have taken sessions. I would say give it a try for this old school screen play and direction. And that ending to me it was perfect.

Verdict - 3/5(Salvation)

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