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777 Charlie Movie Review - A moving tale of man's best companion

Films involving pets always connect and have some emotional bearing on us. Kiranraj's film, leaves no stone unturned in depicting a wonderful tale of friendship and he calls that as the story of Dharma in Kalyug. One potential outcome is sure after watching the movie, this will change the way you look and treat dogs irrespective of whether you own one or not and you many even think of adopting one. But remember one thing at the end you have endure a pain of losing one and prepare for that. There will an emptiness for sure but you always can restart.

This is really a film for people who like dogs and own one. The gist of the story you would already know from the trailer and i have to say it gave away too much. The famous saying is so true Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. In the first half, the film finds beauty in its simplicity without being overly cloying and gets empathetic. While the second half smacks in a solid amount of emotions into its story line leaving a slump in the throat feel. Its heart warming story of self-discovery and redemption for both. The movie also spreads a very beautiful message in the end.

My biggest gripe is duration and some unwanted side tracks in second half, especially i fail to connect the dog show, the villain story and other hardship narratives in between to take the story forward. But in the end the master and his dog will tug your heart and teaches you some important lessons of love, care and faith. People sitting next to me were crying and i can understand why. The star of the show is Charlie and the training of 3+ yrs did pay off without any doubt as evident from its natural emotional performance. Its an award winning performance for the Canine if there is one such category available.

Verdict - 3/5(Thank Dog)

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