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A Two Well Made Series

Only Murders in the Building TV Show Review - A crackling murder hunt

Hotstar released the second gem of this year and this time its Steve Martin and his team who delivers a power packed punch. With an impeccable comic timings, surprises, and twists its a delightful watch. A homicide in a posh apartment bring three tenants together and how they manage to find the murderer forms the crux of the story. All three are obsessed with the true crime podcast and they are all imperfect and they all have something to hide. With a plenty of deceptions and lies,each episode ends in cliffhanger moments and the suspects list keep piling up. This one is perfect blend of intrigue, humor and performances. And the intro BGM is a killer one.

The seventh episode mostly shot in silence is a gem of a creation. The trio complement each other well though few events are really cliched and overdone. The satire and capricious characters are a big stand out in the show. Its cleverly peels the murder mystery in a humorous and tensed way, a combination thats hard to find. It has heart at the right place and its a pleasant surprise of this year with well finished outcome.

Verdict - 4/5(Crime connects)

Inside Job TV Show Review - Smartness Overloaded

The new adult animated comedy show from Netflix is over-loaded with sarcastic pop-cultural references on political, religious,feminist movement and social agendas. At times its tough to get those reference right, unless we are well versed in those world events and news which may be too western centric. Its a smartly written one liners are hilarious like the Aaron Sorkin sharp witted ones. Its a combination of funny and clever and at the same time felt hollow and silly.

It took a elaborate dig at contemporary state of affairs and no stones is unturned in that. The show narratives focuses on the shadow government organization named Cognito, Inc. and how they create world’s conspiracies. The show follows the lifes of few eccentric and dysfunctional employees at work. From Illuminati to shapeshfiting lizards to moon landing there are a dozens of of things covered in this show. Unlike Rick & Morty, this is more towards workplace outlandish comedy. Its enjoyable in parts and with each episodes 20 minute run time is an added advantage.

Pic this conversation between the Manager and Employee

Manager - Under your supervision productivity and team morale has skyrocketed ...

Employee - Thank you sir

Manager - Let me finish ...into the toilet

Verdict - 3/5(A Rick & Morty feel)

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