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A Hero Movie Review - A Reality Check

Iranian director Asghar Farhadi did it again and his latest film which won Grand Prix at Cannes, is an expertly crafted social drama with a beautiful ending. The film follows the life of Rahim who is released for few days from a debtors prison. He along with his girl friend finds a fortune to repay the debt he owes. The morality angle kicks in and a good Samaritan or the heroic act then spirals into a sturdy drama which has to be experienced on screen.

The notion of good intention and judgmental society aspects are tightly inter woven beautifully in the chain of unexpected events that follows. Like his previous film Farhadi focuses on specific themes and takes us on an intense ride. We have seen how he used the theme of obsession in The Salesman to such a great effect. Its a character study at its best with an immediate connect.

Its a film that bridges the gap between integrity , morality and remains firm in its purpose. The point of view is universal and will resonate well till the end. The realism and harshness of the situation are brought to life so effortlessly by the master. This is one of finest studies of human nature and a heartbreaking taxing drama showing how a simple event can make or break life. The story never let viewers of the hook till its inevitable conclusion. In the end truth and social value prevails and it shows the true meaning of heroism.

Verdict - 3.5/5(A Harsh World)

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