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Andhaghaaram Movie Review - Spirited Away

How do you make an age old story of super natural theme appealing? Its all about creative presentation and building up the mood with pinch of intriguing ideas through out. Thats exactly what the debutant director Vignarajan deployed without adopting any gimmicks associated with super natural thrillers.

Andhaghaaram spins around the life of four people and their odd connection. The interconnection is narrated in a non linear fashion and at time its confusing to follow. But i liked narration style and perspective of the camera angles used to create a feel. This is one of those compelling and stylish cinematography i have seen recently in a Tamil movie. Edwin Sakay is a talent to watch out for along with the director Vignarajan. Like the movie title, we will be kept in dark for most part in this web of deceit. The casting and visual style was pitch perfect except the nagging girl friend character.

I have to warn you upfront, the end result is little bit muddy, purely because of the length and and underwhelming spoon feeding climax. This slow burner is close to 3 hrs, so it may not appeal for lot of people as the rush factor of a typical thriller is missing. But its one-of-its-kind viewing experience which deserves a praise. So take your chance. And if you have an eye for cinematography and how to present color pallet in movies, then dont miss. With a minimal setting and with some creative ideas under the sleeves this Netflix one is worth a watch.

Verdict - 3.5/5(A visual treat)

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